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Surgical Treatment

Hiking in Yosemite after successful scoliosis surgery

rossana successful recovery from scoliosis surgery michiganRossana enjoys walking and staying physically fit. As a mother, wife and successful OB/GYN physician she keeps a busy schedule and doesn’t let much slow her down.

Diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis as a teenager, Rossana had experienced intermittent back pain associated with the spinal curve for years. For the most part, her symptoms were manageable with conservative care like anti-inflammatories, massage, physical therapy and walking.

In June of 2003, in addition to increased pain in her left back and hip area, she also had severe pain in her right pelvis that radiated into her legs.

The doctor then referred Rossana to Dr. Douglas Geiger, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon at Ann Arbor Spine Center. Dr. Geiger first recommended watchful waiting. But time passed and Rossana noticed her back pain increasing and her activity level decreasing. Her scoliosis was now impacting her career. The pain prevented her from her obstetrics work including delivering babies. She once again saw Dr. Geiger for a follow-up appointment, he examined her and reviewed her most current MRI. Rossana’s rib cage was beginning to collapse onto her pelvis. He talked with her about possible surgical options and explained that scoliosis surgery may be necessary in the future. Rossana decided she would like to Hiking in Yosemite after successful scoliosis surgery continue with the conservative treatments as long as possible.

Another year passed and Rossana’s condition continued to worsen. Her pain symptoms were becoming unbearable and standing for any length of time was difficult. “I would go to work, drive home and lay down,” she remembers. She had lost nearly four inches in height due to the worsening scoliosis curve and now recognized that surgery was necessary to correct her 69 degree curve.

Dr. Geiger would install instruments to reduce the 69 degree curve and stabilize her spine. Dr. Geiger performed the reconstructive surgery, including an anterior and posterior approach, and it was a success. Dr. Jason Brodkey, also of Ann Arbor Spine Center, assisted in the 17 hour surgery.

Rossana recovered three inches of height after the surgery and within six weeks, she was able to walk up to half an hour a day with a walker. After three months she began physical therapy, where hamstring stretches and other strengthening exercises were used to help strengthen her leg and core muscles. Part of her recovery involved walking in the pool. After six months she was able to a walk a mile and now she walks five to six miles a day.

Today, she no longer has the pain symptoms that had become a way of life for many years. She has returned to work as an OB/GYN doctor and is once again able to travel with her husband to places like Yosemite National Park.

Click here to download a PDF of Rossana's complete story detailing successful return to activity after scoliosis surgery.




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